Monday, June 1, 2009

Mah-na-mah-na ... do-doo-d-do-do!

Before bath time, our Little Someone gets to watch a short video/song on the computer (all have been pre-screened, of course).

Well, after watching a song OVER AND OVER AND OVER... one cannot HELP but get that song stuck in their head. So here's what's been going on in my head the last three nights while laying down, trying to go to sleep:

Mahnamahna ... do-doo-d-do-do
Mahnamahna ... d-doo-d-do
Mahnamahna ... do-doo-d-do-do-d-do-do-d-do-do-do-do-do

Nowwww... I'm not so sure on the last one there -if I have the right number of "do"s ... but, regardless, it might help you get the picture.
Update: the video is no longer available.
For that reason and for book purposes, the below picture was put in place of the video.
It was taken from same time period.

It's funny, yesterday evening, we were getting our Little Someone ready for bath. I had the bath ready and was waiting for her in the tub. Daddy was helping with getting her undressed and having her use the little potty we have in the Master bath... all the while, Daddy is singing, "Mahnamahna" ...then I would follow and sing "do-doo-d-do-do". We just kept going back and forth... him singing "Mahnamahna" and me singing"do-doo-d-do-do". Needless to say, now our daughter does it too.


Fruitcake Sandy said...

Mahnamahna ... do-doo-d-do-do-d-do-do-d-do-do-do-do-do ... THANKS!!!! :>)

Actually, it's not so bad ... but my favorite is still: Skidamarink a dinky dink, Skidamarinky doo, I - love - you!

Tatersmama said...

ROFLMBO! I just watched the clip, and I thought "well that's not TOO bad"... and then I realized that I didn't have the sound turned on!
I turned it up, so will now have to curse you. ;-)

Oh my... it's too early in the morning for this stuff! (5:48am)
Looking for coffee now... and hoping that caffeine obliterates that tune.

Joy said...

Hi BZ!

Here is to making your world a tiny bid bigger!

I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and to tell you your little someone is a blue eyed beauty which I am sure you hear a lot.

She is similar to my youngest granddaughter who is one year younger, but looks the same age because of her very long curly hair.

I know you enjoy her immensley!

Neas Nuttiness said...

I'm no fool - ain't gonna hit the play matter what!