Friday, January 9, 2009

Hooome, Home on the Range... Er, uh.. Address Lables

So, I mailed out the annual Christmas letter... actually, this year it was a New Year letter and it went out late. Better late than never, right? Anyway, I used up all my address labels, so I had to peruse the Internet for more. A company called Colorful Images is where I always get my address labels. They have tons. Anyway, despite 'tons', I couldn't find any I liked... that is, until I found that they did photo address labels. Cool! That personal touch!

So, I ordered some labels that have the below pic on it. I cropped it into a rectangular panoramic dimension using their online label-maker ~ very neat. Am excited to get them~ hey remember, it the 'Little Things' in Life!

I liked the sky in this pic, as the clouds were a nice mix of colors. Plus, the angle of the sun really seemed to set off the house.

Can't wait until spring for a pic from this angle. We bit the bullet and had some big trees brought in and moved around on our property using a big tree spade truck. So, the same pic should show quite different this spring.

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