Monday, January 19, 2009

Caught Playing

'Someone' got Play-Dough for Christmas. Wonder which one it was? ...seeing as I heard Grandpa made a fabulous play-dough dragonfly.

Pic factoids:

  • partially seen table made by my creative other-half.
  • horse painting on wall was my paternal Grandmother's. If you click and enlarge pic, you can see that the painting is created from the postal stamp beneath it.
  • spectacular barn in background built by my industrious other-half and my brainy dad (although they each share both of those traits in their own way).
  • Those window valences went up a few months after our house was completed (late 2001)- they're from Wal-mart. :-)

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Neas Nuttiness said...

Bz - thanks for dropping by. I'm thrilled that you became a follower, and from the info about yourself, I'm sure that if we lived next door to each other, we would be fast friends! I'm an animal nut (to the disappointment of my husband), and I'm crazy about my grand kids.

I appreciate your info on playlist. I'm not really good at all the technical stuff. My daughter (the one who lives in Alabama) got me blogging and she set up my blog for me. Her husband will help out too sometimes. My husband works really long hours, but he helps out when he can. He set up my 3 column background for me. Now, when I can't figure something out, my daughter helps me over the phone, or does it herself (she knows all my passwords). It has been fun learning lots of fun tricks, like using google images.

I'm actually suprized at how many people read my blog, as I don't have a "niche" blog. I'm thinking of adding 2 more "tabs" to my blog. One for dealing with my health concerns and attempt at weight loss. The other one would be about my dogs...with animal tips and links. What do you think?

Any-hoo, thanks again for stopping by, for becoming a follower AND for leaving such a wonderful comment!