Thursday, June 3, 2010


Oil & Gas is the second largest revenue source in the US -after income taxes.
Stupid president.


  1. Here, here!!! Another sad fact: the vast majority of people have no idea what drilling encompasses ... they complain about fuel costs, are ignorant of the amounts of oil being produced, have no concept of the procedures needed ... oh Lord, don't get me started! The stoppage of ALL drilling due to the Gulf leak is hurting far more people than the coast line and the fishing industry. Ignorant, arrogant, misinformed president!!!!

  2. He should have been there the FIRST day and brought in every big gun, ship, and brain to address it quickly. I feel SO sorry for those poor people down there. Too little, too late.

  3. Amen! You sure got that one right! I dislike the man INTENSELY!!!

  4. I agree RR, I feel badly for the LA folks ...but, BP has already sent major $ (and will, undoubtedly, send more) to recoup losses. Still sad, but not as sad as what this guy is doing that will affect SO many more via the trickle down affect of a drilling moratorium. Washington needs to STAY AWAY and let the people that know the business try and work this out, it's a difficult enough problem to solve at those depths without the inept government butting in.


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