Sunday, August 30, 2009

You Turned THREE!

[though she did over a month ago, I am just getting this posted as I have come back to it and added bits here and there]

* * BIG sighhhs * *

Our Little Someone turned three. I sit here to write about it and a whirlwind storms my brain. I know, all you other mommas understand. But, trying to "capture" her in words... well, I suppose it is not easy to 'capture' anyone in words.

Since it may be the case that she will read this someday, I'll do what I do in a paper journal I have for her, that is, address her.

E, where do I begin... well, first, I have to say that I will probably have to come back and finish this as I am watching you on a monitor while you sleep and as soon as you stir, I'm off. We need to get going early (to Walmart).

E, you are so smart, sensitive, considerate, meticulous. You love animals and you definitely like to "do it yourself(!)"... I guess that would be called being "independent". You insist on taking tissue to stuff in your shirt even though many times it falls out. You see, when I don't have pockets, I often will put a tissue (or the dog zapper) in -between- my... bosom (hey, they're good for more than producing milk). Well, you have seen me do this so often, you have to get your own tissue. I've tried to explain that you don't have a bra so that is why the tissue falls out. Welllll, you've said that you want a bra... so I've tried to explain that when you get bigger boobs, you will get one (and I've tried to explain about when that will happen). Ohh, the joys... you have been a joy.(well, you're awake, will have to come back to this later~)

Other joys: like I said, you are considerate. You, on your own accord, have thanked me or your daddy for doing things for you- without prompting and that's nice. We took you to the "Waterfall Playground" and you told us Thank You twice at two different times when we were there. Also, on day three of swim lessons (which you, at first, did not care for), another little girl about 2 1/2 yrs old sort of whined/cried on the big step next to you. Her momma told her (from her chair) to get a toy out of the basket they had. Well, the little girl just sat there crying a bit. You got up, went to the basket and brought a toy back to her. E, you JUST turned 3 years old 3 days before doing this... you are so sweet.

You are sensitive. It shows with how sweetly you pet Booger Kitty or if your Daddy or I get a bit terse with you, you will ask, "Are you happy?" ...just waiting for us to be 'happy' again. It's nice to know that you care what we think. Hmmm... wonder if that is to last through the teen years?

You are meticulous. Hoo-boy, does the apple not fall far!?! I know, I'm sure the things you are meticulous about are just as important as the ones I am... but, come on, do you really need to line up your farm animals JUST SO before leaving the living room?? Or, do you really need to fold your Bear-Blanky that certain way to 'get a rub' before you come in to eat?? I'm just glad you get muddy, play in the dirt, like the rain and stomping in puddles and ride our pup dogs on the spur of the moment... everyone has their meticulous moments.

You l-o-v-e animals, which stands to reason as your daddy and I both do. You've never known life without them. At first, we called Smidgen and Smudge your 'big-sisters' (I guess at 164 &167 lbs each, they qualify as 'big'). Though you love both pups, I think Smudge endears you a tad more... you wanted a "Smudge" birthday cake for your 3rd B-Day. Well, Grandma did her best and Smudge became immortalized in cake form. "Booger Kitty" was your 1st B-Day cake. You always want to help with feeding the horses or putting 'Julieboo' out after she's eaten. You love riding her. Sometimes, when the dogs are laying down on their beds, you just walk up and give one a little hug around the neck and then you have to go to the other and make sure they get their hug. It's very cute. You also put them in their place quite well, taking it upon yourself to yell 'HUSH!' to them if they are barking.

You know what you want and will say so... you definitely have your own mind on things... this trait has its merits, but can be irritating at times. You like to tell me 'how the cow ate the cabbage' even if I tell you that, indeed it didn't- you sometimes will adamantly argue and tell me that 'Yes it did!' ... or that you 'WILL get cake balls' or sometimes, just say the opposite of what I say (not even understanding fully what I'm saying in the first place). I'm sure ... I think... this is part of your age (?!?).

You have a fabulous sense of direction for your age. For example, we were traveling down the road, on our way to the further TSC store and you said,"Hey, this is the same way to the place we saw the alligator". Well, I know what you meant, a nursery down the same way had an alligator pond statue. I asked, "You mean XYZ Nursery?" and you said, "Yup, that's where the alligator is." This is not the only example when this has happened. It has on numerous occasions.

You like to PLAN. I can only say that this, historically has been an "A----" (my maiden name) family trait. Nature or nurture, your momma has 'it' and it looks like you do too. "Where are we going tomorrow? What are we going to do? Can we do this? Can we go here/there? Talk to me about our new day tomorrow."

You want to know what's going on and you like warning about things- especially when fun stuff is going to end. Your daddy and I do well to tell you 'Okay, this is the l-a-s-t time, then ... time for bath... time to eat... etc.'

The other evening, you told me how you have "good thinkers" (you meant you think well... have a 'good thinker', I suppose). You also said that you have a good memory... booooy, you do. You bring up stuff from a year ago at times that I haven't thought about in ?!? (you're three!)... blows me away.

Yesterday, I was using some tin snips to cut thick faux mulch tree rings for several of our trees that are hard to Round-Up around... my hand was getting so tired and sore after much difficult cutting. I was sitting on the mower's step and stopped to rest my hand and said, "Gosh, this is starting to make my hand sore." You said, "I'm sorry, mommy"... I gave you a big hug and asked if you were going to be sweet like that when you grow up. You gave a cheery "Yup" as your answer.

Oh E, if you could know how much I love you... it's more than words can say.


Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh BZ, what a very special letter to your darling baby. Oops. Sorry E! You're a VERY big girl, not a baby, huh?!

I loved reading all about her cute ways and they reminded me SO MUCH - really, I can't TELL you how much - of Bo. Yes, I believe she WILL be a darling girl forever. Yes, they develop their own minds and Bo has hers. But the big stuff other parents have had to deal with? Never. Not for one second. She is now who she was then.

I wish I had been blogging back then and did what you did to write it all down. This is a gift for E AND you. You'll LOVE reading this later. Trust me.

Love You, Friend.


Fruitcake Sandy said...

Oh J, if you could know how much I love you... it's more than words can say. Thank you for sharing your thoughts (and feeling about Little Someone) I, too, love her so much, I didn't think it was possible. I worry sometimes that I won't love her little brother (when he born) as much as I love her ... then I think of what Mr. D. told me .. "your heart just grows.." E is loved and she knows it, she is safe and she knows it ... she is a blessing to all. She IS smart, sensitive, considerate ... you have help mold her with your own intelligence, sensitivity, consideration ... and LOVE. Grandma

Tatersmama said...

Oh hun, what a beautiful letter for little E to read when she grows up!
I think it's wonderful that you'll have all this to look back on - to laugh over, cry over and maybe even just scratch your heads over.

Happy (belated) Birthday little E!!!