Friday, August 7, 2009

Hello London,Canada! [Home of at least One Dim-Witted and/or Brainwashed Socialist '...' (you fill in the blank)]

Okay, this really does beg the question... "Does she (meaning me, the one writing this) have too much time on her hands?" ...No, I really don't and part of me is really annoyed that I even feel compelled to respond to a Dim-Wit... alas, I am. However, rest assured, I won't spend much more time (if any) on such ...??.. "idiocrity".
So, here's the deal, I had a post a bit back, a VERY short post, that went:
Health Care is NOT a 'right'!"

Wellll, I recently received a comment to that post. The commenter, "Mike" (which I don't believe is his name- I will get to that), said:

"heel,youall sound likewell off people.if you were poor,would you think any differently? .HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT.NOT JUST FOR THE WELL OFF,AND IDOTS LIKE YOU,I HOPE YOU GET SEIOUSLY ILL "

(for what it's worth, I didn't do any corrections/changes to the above, just cut/pasted as is)

Now, my first two thoughts when I read this were:
1. I was taught from a VERY young age to never wish 'bad' on others.
2. We have a Bill of Rights here in the US, and last I checked ...umm... nope... "Health Care" was not listed.

Fact of the matter is, ANYone can (and does) receive health care here in the US ~ NO ONE gets turned away- EVEN if you are illegal.

The crux of everything is, I *and so many others* have a problem with someone taking what we have so earnestly worked for (and, by the way, I don't consider having to worry about my child's college fund or worrying about my husband's and my retirement being "well off", so guess we're not in that crowd).

Our gov't already takes enough to give to others- in a form called PROGRESSIVE TAXATION... in other words, our gov't ALREADY punishes those who earn more. Hey, a flat tax would be great and still those that earn more would pay more, just not progressively more (perhaps this concept is beyond some).

Universal Health Care will be/would be a fiasco like every other gov't run program. Laissez-faire capitalism is the only way to go if one wants to
1. Lower costs
2. increase quality

So London, Canada (or is your real name "Lavinia"?), I'm sorry you're so conditioned to think down on a system that surpasses your own (and every other one in the world, that's why other country's leaders come here when sick).

Even with such a hateful comment being left, London Canada, I do not wish you ill. There are two reasons why I don't:
1. To wish another ill is a component of being evil and I believe it does no good.
2. Being ill in a country, like your own, with socialized health care really decreases your chances of being taken care of properly and in a timely fashion, so it'd kind be like two 'bad' wishes against you.

Do take care.

[Oh, I said I'd explain why I'm not so sure "Mike" is the commenter's real name... well, about a week ago, on a semi-political blog I read, a liberal idea-gog left a comment attacking the blogger and his post. Well, I left a comment disagreeing with the leftist, liberal, socialist sap. ANYway, the person is from Canada and, lo and behold, my nefarious commenter is from Canada (FEEDJIT let me know). Anyhoo... I haven't had Canada visit before ... sooo... I could be wrong, but it sure smells. And cowards, they just grate on me.]


Robynn's Ravings said...

BZ - I'm so sorry he didn't stay around and turn this into a discussion instead of an attack. Wouldn't that have been so much more beneficial? Opinions and platforms could have been presented and debated. Rock throwing does no good. And wishing someone ill completely closes the conversation and cancels all credibility.

Having been among the uninsured and ill who could do nothing but sell our house to get healthcare, I understand the frustration. However, the government doesn't have a model of anything they operate that is run adequately, honestly, fiscally responsibly, or with the same structures in place that would cause a private business to fail or succeed. I have no faith that healthcare would be any different.

And I agree that most healthcare for the poorest among us is already provided through clinics and emergency rooms. My area has an average wait time of 12-18 hours in any emergency room. Seriously. Insured or not. Who suffers are those caught in the middle who don't want to be living in their cars, along with their children, just to get adequate treatment. I don't know what the answer is but I do not believe the government can do this right. Excess and mismanagement follow them wherever they go. My heart goes out to the ill and suffering who are caught in the middle of all this. Life for them is already so very hard.

Love to you.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I guess that I now have to get back on my soapbox...AMEN SISTER!

I'm not even gonna start a blood pressure will just go up and up and up.

I'm behind you 150% on this one!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Well done, Ms. 'Thomas Paine'<--- that is a compliment to you for your own "Common Sense"!! Very concise, direct response to an obvious illiterate, socialist, malcontent, bore.

... and I commend you on your upbringing and your refusal 'to get down in the mud.' :>)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I like your blog. :)

And may I add my AMEN to your writings also!? I've noticed that most of our socialist pushers are in Canada. Hmmmm ... Anywho, what all socialist/fascist agenda boils down to is: government run anything is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! Period. So I completely agree with your assessment of the situation.

And BTW, there's no need to stick around and argue with idiots. As my father used to say, someone may not be able to tell the difference. :))

God bless from SE Georgia!

Tatersmama said...


I "could" start in on "socialized medicine", because we're living with the "more than imperfect" system here in Oz, and it stinks worse than a skunk does...But I won't.

Girl, you've been brought up right, and I'm very proud of you for sticking up for yourself, without stooping to mud slinging.

Texas Travelers said...

You go girl !!
Nice post.

Thanks for the visit.

LOL !!
My word verification word is "santamed". I guess that means Santa will drop off our meds at Christmas once a year?