Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beyond the Sea @ Bathtime

This is another favorite that is watched before bath time. It's occurrence has waned a bit since the Mahnamahna one. But, let me tell you, it was watched for about 2 weeks every night... so much so, that Little Someone knows the words to the first two stanzas of the song (and can sing it too). But, don't try to get her to take her bath before this ends... she HAS to watch the last part where the "little fish eats the Angler fish".
I love the music.
Update: the video is no longer available.
For that reason and for book purposes, the below picture was put in place of the video.
It was taken from same time period.

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Fruitcake Sandy said...

That was neat ... I love the music, too, although I cannot be sure if it's Bobby Darin (that was his signature song) I can hear Little Someone with that beautiful laughter of hers' ... that deep, throaty, chuckle and her eyes sparkle ... thanks for sharing.