Monday, December 13, 2010

If I could Twinkle-Twitch My Nose...

Do you remember, from the early 70's, how Samantha on "Bewitched" did her nose ? Well, if I could twinkle-twitch my nose to get one household chore done, it would be for doing the LAUNDRY.
Our laundry BREEDS (I swear, it really seems too).

I probably don't help matters by being so ..... (hmmm)... ??anal-retentive ... obsessive compulsive ?? about how the laundry is done. I mean, I have, ohhh, say six+ different load groupings: dirty whites, clean whites, brights, dirty darks, clean darks, really dirty all others (& then sometimes that has to be split). And then there's an order to which you load the washer; put water in, then detergent, THEN clothes... and the spray stain remover has to soak for what the bottle says.. you can't throw them in immediately. Okay, so it's no wonder it's not my favorite chore (although, I will say, my clothes are really clean). I mean with vacuuming, I at least get immediate gratification with a clean floor (having a Dyson sure helps though).

So... laundry... some people seems to be faster at it than others and SOME people seem to be Wonder Woman of Laundry... namely, my mom. I swear (I know, you're not supposed to swear)...anyway, my mom can go through a busting hamper of clothes like it was a small bag of miniature milky way candy bars.

I am a blessed person in SO SO many ways... but the way I am talking right now about deals with her bionic speed of clothes washing. She visits fairly regularly and (though I tell her not to worry about it, honestly), she usually washes whatever clothes that can be found in the hampers and she does it so... so fast. She gets it done in half of the time (or less) than it would take me. I usually forget the load when it's done washing because I'm doing something else. Or the dryer has stopped and I have to start it again to get the clothes hot so they won't be wrinkly when I take them out. I think she (my mom) has a laundry timer that has been implanted in her head.

So, I'm curious, if you stumble onto this site... whether you're from London, Saudi, Hong Kong, Spain, Dublin, Canada, or Texas, etc.... you get the picture. I would be curious to hear what chore would you Twinkle-Twitch your nose to get done?
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p.s. For what it's worth, I'm just venting... I am grateful to have a washer & dryer and the ability to wash clothes and grateful for the clothes that need washing... etc.. yada, yada... just venting and saying THANKS MOM.


Elizabeth said...

I dread doing dishes, cleaning the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Washing, folding & putting away clothes gets old.

Anonymous said...

"Twitch-twitch" ... with all this mental in me, I AM the Bionic Woman ... and I thank you for your kind words. Color me 'warped' I LOVE to iron, too ... as long as there is some old movie to watch. Hmmm ... don't like to vacuum, could be the shoulders or the back or just plain lazy ... LYM, M/Gma

Bz said...

Anon 2 : ..."with all this mental in me" ...
I'm sure you meant "metal"... but, funny enough, both ways works!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Mental?? ... Metal?? ... OH MY!!! ... perhaps whiffing too much chlorine bleach.

Tatersmama said...

With me, it's washing dishes. I HATE wshing dishes, because they always pile up faster than I can deal with them. Although things have gotten somewhat better since cutting my workload of daycare kids back.

Laundry doesn't bother me "too" much and I do enjoy the washing and hanging them on the line - where it looks all purty. But the folding it and putting away? Heck NO!