Thursday, September 9, 2010

We don't always sit down at the dinner table to eat...

Sometimes it's lunch in the shop... because WHO wants to come in from playing to eat?!?
No one here (well except the little guy in the stroller may prefer his boob while cuddled in a soft chair).
Sometimes it's lunch "like a picnic" on the living room floor on the picnic blanket, of course (with animals lined up watching)...
And sometimes it's breakfast on the porch...
...with a view that's priceless.
We're blessed.


  1. I LOVE seeing photos! (and yes, I got the gecko email - I've just been hopeless lately!)
    Looks like you guys have got it good! What's wrong with eating - and being together - wherever you may be? It's the company that you're with, that makes any meal taste delicious!

    And I'll bet the little guy doesn't mind where he's at when he's 'dining'... just as long as he gets fed!


  2. I LOVE the photos, too!!!! Katie said it best "it's the company you have around you, not the 'place' ... we ARE blessed, aren't we?

  3. Aaaaah - those kiddies are so cute.
    Thanks for posting the photo's!


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