Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pigeons, Raccoons, Bats (& Waldo) ...Oh My!

I guess we'll start with "Waldo"... Wheeerrre's Waldo? Remember each pic can be made much larger by clicking on it... wait, ...uhhmm.. I don't know that I want you to do that because there is NO telling WHAT may be lurking on the floor or in the background. Not that I have seen anything, but.. still... one never knows.
Okay, back to Mr. C.. 'Waldo'. I was sitting and folding clothes (yes, mom, I know how to do that) and Mr. C was talking away, then resting his head, and talking and resting... then sleep! Glorious sleep! After getting the camera, I actually laid down for 12 minutes before he woke up.

"Mr. C" with his adorable smile...

And pigeons... we have a flock (is it "flock" for pigeons?) anyway, a grouping of about 9-12 pigeons that have come to our pasture for about a week or so now. As my taller half says, "As long as they're not in the barn". Ain't THAT the truth... very messy, that ONE, that disappeared.

We have our own cat girl... No, on second thought rather, Pretty Kitty.

This critter... varmint... was finally nabbed. "Varmint" because for at least a week, he (or she?) was getting into our cat food container in our garage -despite trying to store the container in various ways at various heights.

And the hummers are back...

with a vengeance...

Candid was the camera...

During 'quite-time', Miss E decided to pick apart a basket (that contains only a portion of her stuffed animals), so she could "make a nest" for the bat.
[if the walls look blank behind her, it's because she picked off all of the humming bird, dragonfly, & butterfly appliques that were up]...

The loves of my life...

Here's looking at you!


  1. YES ... I KNOW you can do laundry and fold clothes ... but can you PUT IT ALL AWAY???? :>) I love all the photos ... of the best ones were Pretty Kitty ... making a nest for her bat ... here's looking at you ... candid was the camera ... wellll .... ALL of 'em. Thank you for sharing ...

  2. Awww... LOVE the photos!! I had to stop and double check that bat though - because with the real live pigeons and the raccoon, I thought for a minute that the bat was real too!
    So I enlarged. I enlarged every other photo too... and if you were worried about their being a possible mess, I can tell you right now that you'll never be invited to "my" house! lol!

    Congratulations of that 12 minute lie-down... I bet it did you a world of good, eh? ;)
    I can't believe that sweet little Mr. C is already 8 and 1/2 months old now - and that Little Someone is 4!
    Man... where does the time GO?

  3. Ha... just read your mama's comment! Seems like you and I do the same thing with the laundry...
    I'm great at folding, but not so good at putting it away afterwards! ;) LOLOL!

  4. I'm thinking that the 12 1/2 minutes would have been better spent eating some chocolate. LOL

  5. You sweet thing!!!!! I got your message last night and I'd call you back but my home phone doesn't have caller ID and I know it's probably in an email somewhere in my computer but I'm not supposed to be there, sitting. I just hope this crazy message goes thru on my iPod. I don't even TRY because I usually lose the message it takes forEVER to hunt and pick out on this tiny keyboard.

    ANYWAY.......I LOVE the book and it was SO thoughtful of you. We've been tearin' it up over here and I didn't realize all the things I still need to tell them BOTH! Thank you SO MUCH!! XO

    And it's SO good to see the kiddos, even that one that only gave you 12 minutes of sleep. (Sorry, but I think you have one like my son. Don't worry. It gets better when they're around 13.) I hope I've encouraged you today. I live to serve.

    I had no idea laundry was supposed to be put away. Thanks for the update and im with Kate: if you're worried about the way your house looks then wear your really dark glasses when you come over here!

    Hey, that last picture of the sleepless one should be entered in a photo contest. PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

    I miss you! I hope to blog this week. I just gotta tell this story.


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