Monday, April 26, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Happenings... & other stuff in pics

Well, here's the latest...
although some of the "latest" is about a month old. Mr. C is growing like a weed during a wet spring. Was over 2 feet tall at his 2 month appointment.
Miss E is a thoughtful big sister that will tell you if you're doing it wrong.
Hmmm... wonder what the future holds for us.
We had several 'bunnies' around at Easter time...
and another bunny~ Hub-Bunny...
Miss E bunny...
Mr. C: "What's all the funny bunny business?!?"...
and holding a bunny...
Cute as a bunny...
A "The End" to the bunny festivities for this year...

A cutie that found his thumb...
Am still getting used to saying "kids" ...we have kidS ! ...adorable ones at that.. and nooo, I don't think I'm biased.
~ :-)


  1. I love the pic of Smudge with the bunny ears. That is precious. I have no problems believing that your child is taller than average. It seems just as it ought to be.

  2. You're NOT biased - you're RIGHT! Big difference. :) And they are SO cute - hubby and grandma included! Loved the Easter activities and it IS weird, isn't it, when you being to say "kidS?" I remember those days. Now, with Bo having turned 19, the next thing I'll say is, "My 20-year-old daughter." THAT's freaky. It must mean I'm old. Well, uh, it DOES!

  3. Biased? Nah... Believe me honey, I've seen more than my fair share of kids, and when it comes to yours, my heart melts everytime!
    Those 2 little nuts didn't fall far from your particular tree, now did they?
    Thanks for sharing the photos with us... ;)

  4. You two are just too kind...
    thank you for the sweet words.
    Good to hear from y'all.

  5. What a blessed lady you are! : ) Good to "hear" from you! Hope all is well on the home front and that you are getting SOME sleep!

  6. What a beautiful family and a lovely home you have! Looks pretty perfect to me. :)

    Thanks for taking the gamble on "next blog" and I thank you for your kind words. Glad I could put a smile on your face.

    Cheers, m'dear!


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