Monday, October 26, 2009

21, TWENTY-ONE, Two-One, 10.5 + 10.5, 3 Shy of 2 Dozen...

I had a little chuckle this AM while putting on my right sock.

You see, I put my foot in my sock and felt something strange... my first thought: "What on earth?" (and then in a nanosecond, thought changed to...) "Ohhhh" ...followed by an audible chuckle. All of this occurred with no one around- just me, my right sock, and a little folded piece of paper stuck into the toe of my right sock... thus stopping me from putting it on.

Whaaaat... is she talking about?!?

It all started about..??... oh, a couple of months back. My husband tells me that he needed some slacks washed for work. I went and looked in the laundry hamper. There were TWO pairs of slacks in there. I went into our closet and COUNTED the number of slacks HANGING up... 21, that is TWENTY-ONE pairs of slacks hanging up in the closet.

Sidebar: In all fairness, I should give my husband's side of the story. He says that he will hang his pants back up after being worn because he doesn't know when I will wash them (he does this provided they're clean because he sat at a computer most of the day). He also said that there many pants hanging up that he doesn't wear and need to be donated.

Sidebar: In all fairness to me... I have asked him how am I supposed to know that he needs pants if he has 21 pair hanging in the closet. I look at the hamper and I'm not going to do a load of two pair of pants. I am a big load washer person.

ANYWAY.... so... where was I? .... oh... piece of paper.... So, that evening, upon counting TWENTY-ONE pair of pants, I write a note and stick it to one of the pair of pants hanging on his side of our closet.
(you can click on the pic for a closer read)

Welllll... over the course of the last couple of months or so, that note has traveled. Next thing I know, I find the note in my mirrored medicine cabinet. So I put it in my husband's medicine cabinet. Next, I find it in my pillow case. So, I put it under the bed sheets, his side, down by his feet. Well, it finds its way to my side, under the sheets. Next, I find it in my undies drawer. I put it in his underwear drawer, BUT I folded it small and put it inside the pair of underwear. know, I just can't remember all the places it's been.... I know it made it to my sock drawer once before and, I think, to my bra drawer and his sock drawer.

With all this note surprising, I really thought I had him when our daughter and I went to visit 'Daddy' at work.... the ball was in my court on this piece of paper. So, we go to Daddy's work, we visit, we meet other people, we go back to his office and while our Little Someone had her Daddy's attention, I put it in a mug that's in a drawer that contains his coffee paraphernalia.

Ahh-ha! Away from home.... I have deposited it somewhere in his stuff... away from home.

Well, as of this AM, I see... felt... that it found its way back.


Oh, the games one plays after (almost) 22 years.


Jan Mader said...

It's the games that keep a marriage fun!

Loved your story!!! LOL

Neas Nuttiness said...

I love it - maybe I'll have to start a game at our house!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Finally (computer/blogger s-l-oooo-w)
Thanks for the chuckle ... Good News, after 44 years ... special moments, games, jokes, friendship, it all just keeps getting better! L, Gma

Tatersmama said...

I LOVE IT! I always said that it's not the "big" moments that keep a relationship strong... it's the little funny ones that no one else would even think about.

Where to next? Or are you keeping it a secret? ;-)

Bz said...

TM & ANYone with ideas: ("Where to next?")
I have NOT a clue... it is sitting on my bathroom counter as I type.
ANY ideas?!?

Tatersmama said...

Hmmmm *thinking, thinking*...
Do you pack his lunch for the day? Maybe between 2 slices of bread in his sandwich, or just tucked in his lunchbox. His toolbox or tackle box?
In a jacket pocket that he's hung up and forgotten about?
Between the pages of a newspaper?

Col and I have been passing a can of asparagus back and forth for almost 10 years now, and it's been such fun!

Bz said...

ohhhh THANK you for the ideas. I think I'll try the jacket pocket. Is stated to get (on & off) cool weather and we should be getting some cooler weather tomorrow. I'd dot eh lunch bag thing, but (hmph), he often goes out due to taking clients or venders taking him.... must be nice. :-)
p.s. A can of ASPARAGUS!?!
:-) ...isn't it funny, the little stories we all have.

Robynn's Ravings said...

That is the CUTEST, most hysterical, and romantic thing I've heard in a long time. The friendship in your marriage rings loud and clear. Do you know how many husbands would have just "harumphed" and thrown the note away? I LOVE him! :) You guys are so great together.

BZ, thank you for your sweet words of love and support this week. Truly.

Bz said...

Yes, he's a good guy. He is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)... you may not always LIKE what you see :-), but you know you're getting the real deal. Heck, who always likes what they see anyway. I know I'M not up for that award.
Character, honesty, and integrity are priceless. Thus, I am blessed.
Thanks for the nice words.