Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Of Those Things You Learn Once You Have Children

I have amassed many new Wisdoms now that I am a mom.... little known facts that, to a childless person, don't amount to much.
But, like so many things... it's the LITTLE things in life that can make a day nice or not.
So, the latest tidbit of parental knowledge: though strawberries can stain, strawberries can be of benefit when one's child ingests them before that child throws up in the middle of the night. For the color aspect alone, makes it easier to see where all the... throw-up landed.

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Anonymous said...

There is also finding 'murals' on the walls next to the crib (using YOU KNOW WHAT!) like I did with you before you were one. Another wisdom I learned, do not drink Cold Duck in excess on New Years Eve ... you will find yourself holding a six month old baby in one arm and hugging the porcelain throne with the other. NOT FUN!!! Gma
p.s. just for the record, you've ruined eating strawberries for me.