Friday, August 29, 2008

Ohh, Bodily Outputs

A discussion has arisen in our household recently -one that has been encountered before. But, due to recent 'events', it has come up again. That is: Which is more gross, smelly, and/or overall YUK to clean up... throw-up (i.e., vomit, puke, etc.., whatever your choice word is) OR poop?
I definitely have a leaning on this one. Perhaps it is because I'm more accustomed to encountering the smell of poop. After all, we have several horses, two LARGE dogs, and a cat and they all poop -plus our two y/o daughter, of course, poops too... and, unless you are quite a talent, we cannot escape our own. So, for me, cleaning throw-up is worse on the list than cleaning up poop.
Forget the slime-stick factor that makes throw-up hard to rinse off before you put whatever item in the washer, the smell is... well... nauseating and has been known to produce the tell-tell gag reflex that occurs when someone is truly repulsed by something.
So, we're curious, where do you stand on this inconsequential issue that does have consequence if you're the 'cleaner'?
Poll question on right.
Happy voting!

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