Sunday, April 1, 2012

April is here with all the fun & the latest happenings...

Starting the day with a little iPad puzzle.

Then play with the pup.

See the beautiful contrasting colors?

While Miss E makes a "nest" in the background, Mr. C decides to soak in the pup's water bucket, clothes and all.
This was after he bent over and dunked the top of his head in.

Bark mulch is NOT a regular part of his diet.

Momma affording Mr. C some privacy.

Three sweet fellas; although one of them has dined on horse truffles more than we care. His tongue looks clean here though.

Miss E's nest is complete!

Booger, the cat: "Are you going to hurry up and finish the rose garden so I can take a nap in it?"
Amazing how cat's pupils can narrow to such little slits.

The rose garden complete.

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