Thursday, April 28, 2011

Did you know...?...

....that you can nurse an elephant?

...that shoes taste great?

...and that sleeping sideways is quite comfy?


  1. OMG ... Oh My 'Grands' ... absolutely adorable, especially the sleeping sideways. Now I'm not certain about elephant anatomy, but looks like the 'nibble' (a certain little someone I remember worried that Libby didn't have enough "nibbles") is down around the belly-button ... but it could just be the camera angle. LYM, Grammy

  2. I can confirm the toe thing. I used to suck on my big toe. But don't tell anyone. ;-P

  3. We don't have any 'toe suckers' here... just the occasional shoe-chewer. Not sure which is worse though- am thinking the toe sucking. A shoe can be taken away.

  4. Just missin' you all and wanted to stop by to say hi. I canNOT believe how big the kids are. Weren't we just on the phone the other day when you found out you were pregnant with this handsome little guy?! I had fun browsing back through and seeing all the pics. They WILL grow closer (after the fighting) and it's great to see mine at 16 and 20 enjoying each other company a LOT. Hugs to all of you!

  5. I dunno... I'm debating with myself here as to whether those kids take after you or their daddy.
    But I doubt if you would admit to elephant nursing or shoe chewing even if it 'were true'... now would you? ;)

    And Robynn got to talk to you? That's it... when I get home, I'm sending you my number. Or you send me yours... or something! Or I'll just get it from your!!


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