Friday, July 9, 2010

He's a Breast Man...

....ughhhh, to say the least. I have tried getting this boy to eat SOMEthing other than ...nursing off of momma (ughh again).
FINALLY have him doing half/half breastmilk/formula once, say, every other day to keep him used to a bottle (boy, that was an ordeal). Although I do plan to breast feed for at least a year (did my daughter for 14 months)... I would still like him to be versatile enough to take straight formula.
ANNNND being almost 6 months old and HUGE, I have been trying to get him to eat; cereal with formula, cereal with breast milk, tried baby food (peaches) yesterday. This boy just wants to suck... will not do food. I know, I know, in time...


Libby's Library said...

Try to enjoy it while you the blink of an eye, he'll be all grown up!

Robynn's Ravings said...

He is SOOOOOO beautiful! I'd say just what you're feeding him is sure working!

I breast fed Bo for 2&1/2 years and TWM for three. We live in the allergy capital but neither one of them have allergies. Asthma is off the charts here but they don't have that, either. I have NEVER regretted that I made that decision but I was SURE READY TO HAVE MY BODY BACK by the time they were done. It's IS very confining but, from the perspective of bein' down the road, it's a short time and you're doing such a GOOD THING! Hang in there - even if they're hangin' lower! :)

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Both Miss E and Mr.C are healthy, beautiful, intelligent, "angels" ... you can't mess with success.

I know you are tired and feel 'tethered' but please believe me when I say this time will be over in the blink of an eye. Know that you are doing the very best you can for both children ... that you are an exceptional mother ... and this time shall pass and you will look back with a grateful heart. Keep on ... keeping on! LYMTWCS

Tatersmama said...

Omigosh... I can't help mysef here!
Do your boobs hang low?
Do they woggle to and fro?

Okay... enough of that! It was only the breast for my 3 until 10 months, although with the youngest, I did (in desperation) poke a big sterilized needle thru one of my bottle teats, and then mixed some cereal with breast milk. That way, he got an extra fill at night, and it still satisfied his need to suck.

And I don't regret a minute of breast feeding, to tell you the truth.
I LOVE the fact that my boobs can now do double duty as knee warmers.

Tatersmama said...

Damn... I just left a big long-arse comment, the kids sidetracked me... and I must have deleted it!
Anyway, I meant everything I said!! ;)
(I'll try again in a bit ;)

Tatersmama said...

Oh damn... I plumb forgot that comments are moderated, so my first comment DIDN'T just up and disappear!
Just ignore me.
Lord knows the kids do... *sheesh*

Bz said...

Thanks for the comments, laughs and encouragement. Yes, I DO feel tethered... more like I'm "growing roots from my butt" in a certain chair...BUT, I DO know it's a good thing AND it will be over before I know it. I distinctly remember the last once a day AM nursing that I did w/ Miss E... I remember a part of me was going to miss that.
Thanks guys... I mean gals.