Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween: In a Pumpkinshell... I mean Nutshell

We did pumpkins two weekends before Halloween. They lasted one week and started molding and caving in. Our Little Someone asked where the teeth on Daddy's pumpkin were going. By the way, can you tell whose pumpkin is whose?

I'm the 'traditionalists'. Little Someone picked out her mouth, nose and eyes... and daddy? ...he's the life of the party.

Since those pumpkins were starting to stink up the place, they got thrown to the cows in our neighbor's pasture. Well, we had to have a pumpkin for Halloween, so a day or so before, got a little small jobbie that we cleaned out and carved indoors.

After a choice of pattern pics, a kitty cat was the winner...
The big night begins as we slowly transform... well, my midsection didn't (I guess I could have painted that section orange and gone as a wandering pumpkin).
"Abby Cadabby" in the making (a fairy from Sesame Street):

And here she is:

A pot-belly scarecrow (?) in the making:
(thanks for the help Grandma)

All dressed and ready for the walk... except, hold on, I've got to go to the bathroom ONE MORE TIME (me, not Abby Cadabby).

A motley crew?

Abby Cadabby flying with Daddy:

No, Miss (real) Abby, I'm not biased... Someone here is cuter:
One last shot after our excursion and before we transform back...


Anonymous said...

Abby & Scarecrow adorable ... would have been better without Grandma in the picture ... NOT her best side!!!

Sweet memories .....

Tatersmama said...

Awww... that's the cutesy little Abby Cadabby I've ever seen - and the scarecrow looks like it got a tad too much stuffing around the middle area!
Good for you for dressing up, but Grandma needs to dress up too, next year!

Punkin's... ahhh, I wish we could get them here! (well we can, but they cost the earth!) The big green jobbies sold here, just aren't the same!

Robynn's Ravings said...

OMGOSH! Are you all so CUTE!! Little Someone is ADORABLE! You are so incredible to go through all that and dress up as well. LS will always remember her fun mommy when she was little. I LOVED seeing all of you! Felt like a visit. Even at 2am. :)

Mrs. S said...

Very cute! You should have trick-or-treated at our house. We had good candy and no trick-or-treaters.