Monday, December 8, 2008

Those Dad-Gum R.O.U.S.s'

I'm not a huge movie watcher. I like to be somewhat selective, as we are given only so many hours in a day and I like them to be spent usefully. So, if I am going to watch a movie, I hope that it makes me laugh, think, moves me, or all the above. For those times that I don't want to have to think or have my emotions toyed with, a light-hearted movie suits me. One such movie is called The Princess Bride.

There is a scene in the movie where the hero has to travel through the woods with his love. To do so safely, he has to watch out for three 'dangers' that he knows will be present in the forest. To the best of my recollection (I haven't seen the movie in a long time), the dangers are:
  1. Quicksand

  2. The Fire Swamp

  3. The R.O.U.S. -Rodents Of Unusual Size

Now, the only reason I bring this movie up is for the last point above...the R.O.U.Ss'. For, it is whenever I see a possum, that I think of this. Yeah, yeah, I know a possum is not a rodent. But, they look like one for all intense and purposes. In our barn, we keep our feed in a metal trashcan, but I recently had a bag of feed sitting out. Well, the blasted thing kept coming up with a hole. I would tape it... another hole. We knew we had/have a field mouse or rat or two in the barn, so we set up traps. We did come up with a couple of rats in the traps ... the snap kind (hey, it's quick). But, not only did the the darn bag keep coming up with a hole, something was relieving itself on one of our hay bales- I'm talking 'number two' relieving. Looked like it could have been a feral cat. Well, that was enough. We got the big traps out. Both are live traps. One made by handy-man-other-half and the other, is a smaller store bought wire trap.

Well, what do you know... we caught ourselves the culprit. Lucky for him, it was a "catch N release" situation. Before the R.O.U.S. was released a few miles away, I caught these pics.


Anonymous said...

I have moved a few Raccoons to a new ZIP CODE with the same kind of trap. If their pelts start bringing $25.00 each like they did in the 80s I my have to change my plan...ouch I felt something stick me in the neck !... Mr.D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just one pelt sale could finance Mr. D and the misses Anniversary dinner next year......